This Grandma needed her daughter’s childhood room update so her grandkids could comfortably and safely sleep over. This could include bringing in a temporary pack n’play for a baby, so she needed the space and a better flow.

before project 1

Before Staging


This project was completed using furnishings in the room with no budget for any purchases. We did make recommendations to paint the walls and clean the carpet.

Roomlaut changed the flow of the room by moving the bed off the wall to make it the focal point. This left a nice corner open to add the temporary bed for a baby and to get allow getting up from the bed, easy access to the crib. Grandma had many flowers in the room, so we used those for pops of color.

In the corner nook we arranged puzzles and kid’s games on a shelf easily accessible for little ones. We also put Grandma’s photo albums on the yellow shelf for all to enjoy. To add extra impact, we added an orange throw that was discovered in a box in a closet

after project 1

After~dresser gets a new location

after project 1
After~nook for kid’s puzzles

after project 1
After~shelf for all Grandma’s photo albums

after project 1
After~bed moved to center of room for flow