closet potential

I have clients contacting me to help them clean out their wardrobe closet. Spouse’s alike! Everyone wants to transition and move into a new season. I must edit this post every year this time. It never gets old or dated. Do the closet purge now and you will be set clear into Fall!

I have a couple of life changing events to incorporate into my wardrobe, so this is a perfect time to make those big changes and be ready for a new season. Apartment Therapy did an awesome post on how to consider what to keep and what to toss. But what about how to organize your closet? Here area couple of tips, feel free to try one or all:

  • Remove seasonal, keep in storage or another closet.
  • Turn hangers around, in 3 months, toss or donate if not worn.
  • Keep shoes in a bucket, on the door in a sleeve, or boxes on a shelf. Get them off the floor!
  • Make everything reachable, visible, and sorted. Sweaters stacked, shorts together.
  • Arrange by type of clothing, then color. Dresses all together, then white, ROYGBIV and  black
  • Be neat! Your closet is an expression of yourself!

Most importantly do what is right for you. Don’t pitch for the sake of eliminating items, then go buy a whole new wardrobe. This is a lifestyle process and evolves over time as you evolve. Bloom my little flowers, bloom!