What to do with all of those shells and beach collectables that follow you home? Don’t want to pitch them back into the water, but not quite sure where they should live without becoming clutter? Here are a couple of options of what we have done to make them pretty and have value in our household.

Spray paint them any color, in our case we chose silver to match our decor. This is a great option to bring a cohesive look to a collection. After our vacation this year we are doing neon!


Mason jars are our family favorite option! The kid’s get involved in making them. They become a vacation time capsule when labeled with the adventure. Together they make a great display.


Here are some additional options (from Pinterest) that are a great ways to decorate with shells and beach finds. All simple and classic without becoming excessive. Hey, we have beaches in Cleveland, but we are not a resort town…yet!


Lori of Roomlaut