Time for the  yearly toy assessment? You know more are coming with the holidays! Give the ones you have a home, maybe with a non-traditional or unique way. Look around to see if you have something useful before buying new organization bins. A basket? A hamper? An old suitcase?


Make books easy for them to grab before bed, rotate them so little ones do not get bored. (Although we always read the same one!)


Pretty milk glass makes a perfect place for girl’s little accessories.


Do these things reproduce or multiply? Yet they know everyone by name. Give them all a home to grow into.


Just grab them anytime to practice letters, I will change it up to keep them coming back.


Put crayons in baskets, bins or containers – take out of packaging that is difficult for little hands.


Rolls nicely right under the TV stand. Found these crates on someone’s lawn, added casters and gave them a new life.



Put puzzle pieces in something they can easily reach into and put them back. It’s great to help kids be part of the clean-up process.