Staging Services Seller


Contact us to determine your needs. At this consultation, we will listen to your needs and do a walk-thru of the area, while taking images and making notes. This service is free of charge {30 minute session}. By the end of the session, we should have developed a game plan and budget. This plan and your budget will determine our services.

Get Your Hands Dirty Service 

This service is very hands-on for the seller. The homeowner will execute a staging plan based on our recommendations. From my images and notes, I will write up a staging plan for an individual room or for your entire home. The staging plan will entail the following steps:

  • Purge  •  Simplify by putting away, organizing, pitching or recycling
  • Place  •  Develop flow and feel with furniture arrangement
  • Pretty •  Build ambiance with color and texture
  • Presentable •  Develop a picture-perfect space
  • Precise •  Make potential buyers envision themselves in the room

{Remember it is only temporary!}
The fee for this service is a flat rate.

Feet up on the Coffee Table Service

This process takes the pressure off the seller and is ideal for the seller who does not have the time, is overwhelmed by the challenge of staging the home or who is busy purchasing a new home. We make it simple for you.

Working from our images, notes and plan, we return to your home and complete as much or little from the assessment as you agree to.

This service may include rearranging furniture and decor. We can de-clutter and organize (don’t worry, we will not physically discard of any of your items!) All services will be completed in a timely manner to get the house listed.

This process may also include hiring an outside party or parties to perform home repairs and painting. The service budget will be estimated at the initial consultation, but may change depending on the volume of work. Any changes will be discussed and presented to you before any work is started. (Average of 4 to 6 hours allotted).

The Bird Has Flown the Coop Service

This process takes the pressure off you, the seller. We will make sure the home is staged using our process, by furnishing it to give the appearance it is lived in, helping you to move on to your new life and still help sell your home quickly. It gives you the freedom to move into your new home with all of your belongings. We can furnish the whole house or a couple of rooms. Budget will be determined by seller and/or the realtor.

Contact us to get started organizing and staging your home.