ROOMLAUT will work with you on your interior design needs, whether for just a room or a whole house.

Let’s work as a team to develop an interior design plan and budget. The initial consultation is free of charge {30 minute session}. From there we will determine a plan and your expectations. Here are a couple of examples from recent jobs:

Room Schemes for Residential Property

Roomlaut will  offer a design mock-up, based on our discussion of your needs and desires, meaurements of the space and budget. These are a great way for you to see the potential of the room and have a list of resources to help get you the room of your dreams. It will also inlcude a room layout fo furniture, wall color suggetions, and repair contacts (if needed).

Room Schemes are $360 per design. $300 per additonal room. Includes one round of revisions.

Interior Design for Commercial Property

Roomlaut starts with discussing your needs and desires of the space. We listen to what you want for your potiential renters and how they want to live. Whether corporate or residential we plan accordingly and consider the details. Please contact us for pricing on commercial projects. Click on image to see more about each project!


We are here to assist with all of your home staging and organizational needs. Our goal is to help you purge unnecessary clutter, place furniture appropriately and add a touch of pretty to your home. Whether selling or just need a decorating facelift, we are happy to stop by for a free estimate! 

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