Roomlaut front door

Roomlaut cottage front door color selection

As I am driving, I often want to pull into a driveway, go knock on the door and ask, “what color is your front door? That color door just sings with your house. It makes it pop. Can I give you a hug for getting it right?”
If you have a beautiful, perfectly, good wooden door, please disregard this tip. Why paint wood? Why?
So we are in the middle of this exact dilemma. This is how we plan to get to the solution.
Wait until the house is painted the final color, if it already is, move ahead. Next, get a rainbow of paint swatches and put them up, then have the neighbors stand around and discuss, preferably with a cool beverage. (This is where we are at in the process and happily it is taking much longer than expected.) Once you narrow it down to a color, say ocean blue, refine your swatch samples to that family. Any brand of paint you define ocean blue. Narrow that down to four colors and take those to the store for paint samples. Paint those colors on the door and invite all the neighbors back over. Hopefully, at this point you will have had the chance to see the colors at all times of day (very important!) From this point, I hope you have found a color that sings for your front door!

Now run out and buy a gallon! As to what type of paint and how to paint the door Young House Love does a fantastic job giving a step-by-step DIY.