ROOMLAUT has a variety of services for your staging needs. We know how important it is for a home or residence to look its best to prospective buyers. We follow a staging plan that will entail the following steps:

Purge  •  Simplify by putting away, organizing, pitching or recycling
Place    Develop flow and feel with furniture arrangement
Pretty    Build ambiance with color and texture
Presentable    Develop a picture-perfect space
Precise    Make potential buyers envision themselves in the room

Check out our staging services and how we can help your home sell faster!


“Get Your Hands Dirty” Service

This process gives the homeowner a comprehensive view of what to do to prepare to list their home. Our assessments gives guidance to make a home quickly ready for photography and viewings. 

From images and notes taken at our walk-thru with the homeowner or realtor, we’ll develop a staging plan for the entire home. This service is hand-on for the homeowner, who will execute staging based on recommendations from the assessment with the stager.

This is an in-person or e-consult thru the home, with client starting at $250, returning clients $200. Walk-thru usually takes an hour. Report provided day after consult. 


“Feet up on the Coffee Table” Service

This process takes the pressure off the seller. It is ideal for those who do not have the time, who feel overwhelmed by the challenge, or who are otherwise busy purchasing a new home. We make it simple for you!

We will be hands-on with accessorizing, rearranging furniture, adding and/or removing lighting, rugs, artwork and decor.  We can de-clutter and organize (we will not physically discard any items!) We can utilize as much of your accessories and furnishings as possible and only bring in what we feel necessary.  This process may also include hiring an outside party or parties to perform home repairs and painting, for additional costs.

This service includes Roomlaut hands-on staging. One time arrange for $500.00, return clients $450.00. Up to 4 hours per visit {1 hr min.} Accessories rented by 1 mos. time-frame. 


“The Bird Has Flown the Coop” Service

Seller has already moved or this is a home flip. If the home is empty, this is the ideal service. We will stage the residence utilizing our extensive inventory to be magazine-worthy and on-trend with attractive accessories, furnishings and color scheme, in order to get your home sold for more money in fewer days on the market. We will make sure the home is staged using our process, adding furnishings to give the appearance it is lived in. Buyers often need to see flow, purpose, and scale of an empty room to help visualize how their lifestyle will fit.

Staging includes living/great room, kitchen, main bedroom, main bathroom, full bathrooms, 1/2 bathrooms, foyer if included, and one other above grade room:  i.e.,  formal dining, 2nd bedroom, family room, sun room/3 season room/solarium, yoga studio, playroom, studio, office.  Other rooms and below grade areas i.e. rec room, bar, can be added and priced accordingly. We offer vacant property services for homes up to 5,000 square feet in various price points.

This includes the rental of the furniture for a month in the residence. Delivery charge included in cost. We base this service on .05% of list price of house, range is usually $1,800-$3,000. We usually need a week’s notice to stage a home.


“The Touchstone” Service

Roomlaut Staging and Design has extensive experience with designing and staging model apartments and commercial residences. It is our absolute biggest joy in the industry. We love taking a completely empty space and giving it life! We have designed and staged numerous model apartments, clubhouses with gyms, yoga rooms, party rooms, offices, even a movie theater.

Our process: after an extensive discussion of the needs of the space and their expectations, a visit to the property for images and measurements, and brainstorming, we present the client a full room scheme. It provides a room layout, furnishing selections, color scheme, decor options, timeline and budget breakdown of the space. 

This is hands-on staging for empty commercial properties. Commercial staging is a custom price point. We will discuss budget and timeline to meet your criteria.

We base this service on capacity and use of space, range varies. This service will usually be a month’s time from initial consult to completion, but can vary based upon client needs and timelines.



Cleveland home stager, here to assist with all of your staging and design needs. Our goal is to help you purge unnecessary clutter, place furniture appropriately and add a touch of pretty to your home. Whether selling or just need a decorating facelift, we are happy to stop by for a free estimate! 

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