Our work is customized to each client’s unique needs. We work with you to provide services based on your needs and your budget. Need help redesigning a room? Or a whole home? Remodeling a bathroom? We can help with any of that. Below are some Room Schemes created for various clients residential and commercial. Check them out to see if any spark an idea for an area of your home. We can help with your decorating needs!

Residential Room Schemes

Roomlaut Staging and Interior Design Services will do a free assessment of the home with the homeowner. We will discuss desires, wants, needs, and overall aesthetic of the home. Based on input we provide a room scheme with furniture and decor resources, that the client can then purchase themselves. We are cognizant of the homeowners budget and design desires.

Room schemes for residential homes are $360 each, $300 each additional room.

Commercial Room Schemes



Cleveland home stager, here to assist with all of your staging and design needs. Our goal is to help you purge unnecessary clutter, place furniture appropriately and add a touch of pretty to your home. Whether selling or just need a decorating facelift, we are happy to stop by for a free estimate! 

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What is the difference between home staging and decorating?

Home staging focuses on preparing a property for sale by highlighting its best features and maximizing its appeal to potential buyers, while decorating is centered around personalizing a space to suit the taste and preferences of the homeowner. We are staging residence for selling and designing spaces for loving.